In 2017 AMI members are given the opportunity to elect five Member Directors to the Board of Directors. Members can vote for the Member Director candidates.

The board is responsible for governing the AMI, providing direction to management by determining the long-range mission and goals of the association, establishing AMI policies and procedures, monitoring finances and approving budgets.

AMI Directors are appointed by our members to act on their behalf in being responsible for AMI's overall business performance and compliance.

Member Directors will be elected to the Board for a period of 3 years in accordance with AMI Constitution Rule 60.1, and at the end of their term will be eligible for re-election.

Directors operate within a complex and rapidly evolving environment. They are responsible for establishing an appropriate system of corporate governance, having due regard to the reasonable expectations of members, the law, regulators and other stakeholders. They must also ensure the business develops and implements a suitable strategy for successful attainment of members' objectives in the current physical, economic, political, regulatory, technological and competitive environments.

Key Dates

2017 Director Elections Timeline        

16 May –    Opening of nominations for Directors
5 June –    Close of nominations for Directors
13 June –    Member Nominations Collated for review by Nominations Committee
3 July –    Proposed Member candidate
10 July –    Background checks on proposed member candidates
8 August –    Election Date. Polls Open
22 August –    Close of elections.
23 August –    Returning Officer declares the 5 member Elected Directors
1 September –    Induction of new Directors commences
4 September –    Teleconference with existing Chair and new Directors to commence the Chair election process
18 October –    AGM. New Board effective from conclusion of AGM, Current Directors and New Directors Board Meeting. Appointment of new Chair.
19 October –    Press Release on new Directors
Nov 1 to Feb 19 2018 –    New Board Skills Audit; Appointment and Induction of the 6 Co-Opted Director